About Yourpetpal

How YourPetpal came about…

I have always loved animals! Growing up my parents were not so keen – but after months of badgering them, and many letters pleading and promising to look after my pets, I was allowed a hamster! Sadly Honey the hammy ate my Mum’s coat which was not a good start! We did have a rescue Cat called Holly who was a bit of a prickly puss! I also kept tropical fish in my room at home throughout the years!

As soon as I met my now husband, we had a hamster, and then a cat called Daisy! She was our baby and then became a little bit put out when we had our first child! After having our second child (who also adores animals) we had a holiday in Cornwall….my daughter sat in the barn with the kittens for the entire week pretty much pleading with us to be able to have one!!! It did not take much after we had them for a night in our holiday home, and we ended up bringing home Bluey and Paws! We then went on to have two more children! With four children I considered my working options and decided to become a stay at home Mum – but to bring in the pennies I started to Child Mind! I have worked as an Outstanding Childminder since 2009 and do love the children so much, but feel ready for a new challenge!!! Remember the saying “never work with children and animals” well, I have worked with children, so why not the other love of my life?

It took a long time to come up with the name, but feel that being your pets pal is my goal. Ultimately I want to grow Yourpetpal into a great business and focus on this for the rest of my working life. I love animals and working with them has been an amazing journey so far… I would love to be able to look after your pet’s when you are unable to.

Once I have properly established Yourpetpal, I aim to complete a grooming course to offer dog grooming and am currently studying an animal psychology qualification.

Our Animals

We have a little terrier called Kenny – a girl with a boy’s name due to my husband’s love of Liverpool FC!! This is Ken Dog!

As you can see I am a lover of animals and running Yourpetpal lets me have more without causing too many troubles from my husband!

Want to find out more how Yourpetpal can help? Contact me here at:

07753 129468