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Dependable Dog Care

All about the hounds

Meeting your dog:

Before Yourpetpal™ will walk/board of visit your dog we will have to arrange a meeting so that we can all get to know each other. This includes meeting the resident Kenny dog!. All dogs are unique just like us humans and therefore all have slightly different needs which Yourpetpal™ will always aspire to meet. We will also have to go through a little bit of paperwork to make sure that everything is covered with regard to safety and security for all. There is no obligation at this meeting and Yourpetpal™ does not charge for this first meet and greet.

Dog walking

Yourpetpal™ can walk your dog either alone or with a group of other dogs. Walks will be locally around the Winchester area. Your dog(s) will be taken on either a short or long walk either once or twice a day – depending on your dog’s requirements.

Dog requirements – Yourpetpal™ will walk well-behaved dogs who are not aggressive. Visits and smaller walks can be arranged for older dogs or poorly dogs.

Yourpetpal™’s commitment to your dogs safety and security is demonstrated by the use of YourPetPal tags which will be put on to your dog(s) in addition to their identity tag from home. Yourpetpal™ also has got an animal first aid kit at hand!

Want to find out more how Yourpetpal™ can help? Email me at or call on 07753 129468

Doggy day care

Yourpetpal™ is able to take your dog(s) here for the day for not only exercise but also for love, strokes and company. Dogs staying here with my family would have access to our home and our garden. Yourpetpal™ unfortunately cannot take intact males or bitches in season.

Want to find out more how Yourpetpal™ can help? Email me at or call on 07753 129468

Visiting your dog or puppy at your home

If you have a puppy or a dog which is elderly for instance and would like him/her to have some company, have new water or food, have some love and play then Yourpetpal™ can come in to help with this with prior arrangement specifying your requirements.

Home from Home Dog Boarding

If you have to go away for any reason at all and you would like your dog(s) to be boarded in a homely environment to enjoy company, care, exercise and love that they normally receive when you are around then this is the place for you! Your dog will only ever be with Kenny Dog and 3 other’s maximum unlike care provided by Kennels.

Whilst you are away, your dog(s) can bring their own bed and have their own space, also if your dog sleeps in a crate, you can either provide this or Yourpetpal™ has some handy too. Yourpetpal™ will walk your dog(s) one or twice a day depending on the length of the walk (on lead unless written permission has been received specifying otherwise) and they will be fed, loved and cared for in our homely safe environment. We ask that your dog(s) food/treats and bowls are all provided for continuity for your pet.

Yourpetpal™ would like to get to know you and your dog(s) prior to their stay here with us so that I know what they like, or don’t like, and get to know what their normal routine is. We will also do some settling in sessions where we can all meet each other and Kenny can meet you dog(s) too. If I am looking after dogs from different households then we will all try to arrange to meet prior to your dog(s) stay here. If you are going out of the country or leaving your dog for a long period of time Yourpetpal™ suggests a trial weekend to make sure that your dog(s) are happy before you leave them the next time (this will be chargeable).

What to provide for your dog(s):

  • Any medication
  • Bedding
  • Crate if used
  • Bowls
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Lead
  • Collar with name and owners information
  • Vaccination details to be left with me if your dog(s) are having a stay with us
  • Worm and flea treatment information for your dog(s).

Want to find out more how Yourpetpal™ can help? Contact me here at:

Dependable Dog Care

Yourpetpal™ provides a variety of services for your dog.

  • Dog Walking in the local Winchester hills
  • Dog boarding in a homely environment
  • Dog day care (at Yourpetpal™ or your home)
  • Grooming and Vet transport

Complete Cat Care

Your feline friend will be well looked after with Yourpetpal™.

  • Feeding cats in your own home
  • Caring for your cat while you are away
  • Visits to and from the vet

Furries, feathers & scales

As a true animal lover, Yourpetpal™ offers a complete pet care service in Winchester.

  • Hamsters
  • Chickens, Fish and Birds