I have several animals that need visiting, will I be charged separately for each animal on your visit?

Probably not – we will have a chat to discuss your requirements and come up with something mutually agreeable.

What happens if my pet is unwell or injured during their stay at Yourpetpal?

As part of our arrangement I will have your pet’s veterinary details here with their vaccination/care card. I will endeavour to get your pet to it’s own vet’s in the case of illness or injury. If this is not possible I will take it either to my local vet (Hawksdown Vets) or I will take it to the nearest vet at the time depending on where at the time of requiring assistance.

Naturally I would contact you as soon as was reasonably practical about your pet’s illness or injury. Any costs incurred at the vet will be payable by yourself on your return.

What do we do when we have agreed the services we require?

Having decided together on what care is required for your pet, we will meet either at your house or mine depending on what is required and there will be paperwork to fill in. I will also show you round my house if required.

Want to find out more how Yourpetpal can help? Contact me here at:

07753 129468